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  • SIFMA – International Facilities Management Association (Singapore Chapter)
    Founding Member – Platinum Category

    APM Property Management has been awarded as the Founding Member (Platinum Category) of the Singapore International Facilities Management Association (SIFMA). The certification as Founding Member recognizes APM as an integral part in advancing the facility management profession by our provision of exceptional services, products, resources and opportunities.
  • SSIA (Singapore Security Industry Awards) Competition
    Excellence in Job Redesign Award

    APM was awarded the Excellence in Job Redesign Award at the inaugural Singapore Security Industry Awards. This event is a collaborative effort of Security Association (Singapore), Security Systems Association of Singapore, ASIS International (Singapore Chapter), and the Security Industry Institute. APM has showcased best practices in Job Enlargement, Enrichment, Simplification and Rotation to enable our security team to perform tasks with maximum output at increased levels of job satisfaction.


  • The Platinum : 2018年度上海平安示范单位

    晟际物业于2018年高度重视新茂大厦的安全管理工作,坚决贯彻市政法委的有关精神,严格完成大厦的安全保卫工作,获得上海市政法委员会颁发的“平安示范单位”。In 2018, APM China attached great importance to the safety management of The Platinum, resolutely implemented the relevant spirit of the municipal commission of political and legal affairs, strictly completed the safety and security work of the building, and won the “safe model unit” issued by the Shanghai municipal commission of political and legal affairs.
  • Century Link : 上海世纪汇广场·1192弄——2019金灯奖·主题街区场景大奖

    中国美陈网作为国内美陈行业知名门户网站,专注于中国商业美陈事业的发展。针对优秀的主题场景、IP、开业美陈等,网站设置了为购物中心颁布的特别奖项。1192弄当选“2019金灯奖 主题街区场景大奖”。1192 Long was accredited by Meichengwang, a well-known online portal of the decoration industry in China, the 2019 Golden Lamp Themed Block Scene Award. This special award recognizes the shopping mall for its outstanding theme scenes, IP, opening decoration and etc.
  • Century Link : 网红榜单之人气地标奖
    世纪汇广场荣获2019网红榜单之人气地标奖,因其坐拥目前中国上海唯一四条地铁线交汇的商业据点,汇聚了时尚零售、多元餐饮、亲子娱乐为一体的一站式潮流生活聚集地。该奖项由上海头条播报、上海潮流情报、魅力上海、魔都头条等本地媒体联合颁发。 Century Link won the award of the most popular landmark on 2019 Internet Hot List, in recognition for its commercial foothold where four subway lines converge in Shanghai, China. It is a one-stop gathering place of fashion life, integrating fashion retail, diversified catering and parent-child entertainment. The award was jointly presented by local media such as Shanghai toutiao, Shanghai trend intelligence, Shanghai glamour and magic city toutiao.
  • Century Link : 上海世纪汇置业有限公司·世纪汇 [最佳新锐奖]

    中国购物中心发展论坛由上海市浦东新区商务委员会、浦东新区商业联合会主办,本次论坛以“购物中心与新业态、新零售”为主题,评选了2018年全市吸纳“首店”最多的十强名单,其中,世纪汇广场排名第二,获得最佳新锐奖。 Century Link emerged second in the BBS 2018 Most Elite Retail Top 10 list and won the award of Best New Retail Shopping Center with New Forms. This award is given out by the China Shopping Center Development BBS founded by the Pudong New District, Shanghai Business Committee.
  • Century Link : 金鼎奖中国购物中心+ 峰会 [年度商业地产标杆影响力奖]

    赢商网是中国商业地产第一门户网站,该奖项在其主办的中国购物中心+峰会中颁发。世纪汇广场于2018年12月正式开业且表现亮眼,斩获“年度商业地产标杆影响力奖”,拥有辐射浦东甚至全市的商业魅力。Century Link was recognized for its outstanding opening, winning the “Benchmark Influence Award of Commercial Real Estate of the Year”. This award is presented by Win Shang, China’s leading commercial real estate portal.


  • CITTA Mall: Toilets certified as 5-star (very clean) by inspectors from Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (Petaling Jaya City Council).


  • Quantum Interactive: Retail Technology Solution for Shopping Malls nominated as
    Top 25 Customer Experience Management (CEM) Solution in the APAC region by CIO Outlook Magazine


  • Klang Parade: Klang’s Cleanest Public Toilet (Mall) 2018 Award conferred by Majlis Perbandaran Klang (Klang Municipal Council)


  • Century Link : 1192弄老上海风情街—2018上海购物节最IN购物地

    上海旅游节由市旅游局、市文广局、市商务委主办,已成功举办28届。上海购物节作为旅游节重要内容之一,评选 5大亮点活动、8条购物专线系列特色活动。1192弄以精妙的细节布置,正宗的中华老字号餐饮,知名品牌美食营造出浓郁的老上海风情,获得 “2019年上海购物节最IN购物地”奖项。Shanghai tourism festival is sponsored by the municipal tourism bureau, the municipal administration of culture and radio, and the municipal commission of commerce. Shanghai shopping section as one of the important contents of the tourism festival, the selection of 5 major highlights activities, 8 shopping special line series features activities. 1192 Long, with exquisite details, authentic Chinese time-honored restaurant and famous brand food create a strong old Shanghai style, won the “most IN shopping place IN Shanghai shopping IN 2019” award.
  • Century Link : 2018年浦东商圈美陈评选上海世纪汇广场 [优胜奖]

    该奖项由上海市浦东新区商务委员会进行评选,为每年一度的“点亮新年 美在浦东”为主题的浦东商圈美陈评选活动。世纪汇广场以开业为契机,联合国际知名潮流设计师Keith Haring设计的一系列圣诞及新年美陈,获得优胜奖。 Century Link won the Best Light Up in Pudong for the series of beautiful Christmas and New Year designs by internationally renowned fashion designer Keith Haring.
  • The Platinum : 2018年黄浦区 先进微型消防站

    黄浦区消防安全委员会属于黄浦区人民政府下属机构,该奖项旨在表彰2018年新茂大厦于大楼消防工作以及消防知识普及等工作方面的优异表现。 Huangpu District Fire Safety Committee is a subsidiary of Huangpu District People’s government. The award aims to recognize the outstanding performance of The Platinum in building fire fighting and fire knowledge popularization in 2018.


  • MCST Suntec City : Merlion Award, Security Industry Conference 2017 Category Award, Gold (Winner)


APM Property Management (Suntec City)

  • Green Mark Award 2016 – Gold Award, Building and Construction Authority
  • Best Dining Mall (Central South) – Singapore’s Best Malls, Her World and Her World Plus
  • Excellent Service Award 2016 – Singapore Retail Association Service
  • Excellence Awards 2016
    1st Runner-up (Public Industrial Building) – Singapore Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge 2016
  • Best Loyalty Program – Retailer (Bronze) – Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2016, Marketing magazine
  • Loyalty Program of the Year (Silver) – Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2016, Marketing magazine
  • Fire Excellence Award 2016, National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council & Singapore Civil Defence Force
  • Cluster Award, Biennial National Safety & Security Watch Group Cluster Award